Ron DeSantis gets a surprise, NRA is unhappy, and locals win one over Tallahassee
Ron DeSantis shares long list of those joining him in Israel

Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet tell citizens to screw themselves


Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet are saying the Sunshine Law does not matter to them.
Sure visiting Israel is fine...but conducting a Cabinet meeting there is wrong and probably illegal. No Cabinet member should attend the meeting if they care about the rights of Florida citizens.
Here is the agenda for the meeting. 
May 29, 2019
United States Embassy – Jerusalem, Israel
RESOLUTION – ISRAELI-FLORIDA RELATIONSHIP, Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet
CLOSING, Governor Ron DeSantis
There is a nonsensical note at the bottom of this otherwise useless agenda that is silly and worthless: *This agenda does not involve the composition of any collegial body consisting of the Governor and Cabinet as a board, commission, or otherwise.
Please, Attorney General Ashley Moody, explain the legal foundation for this meeting. Tell us how it does not violate the Sunshine Law. Please explain what precedent it sets for future meeting not just of this body but of any governmental entity in the state.
Please, CFO Jimmy Patronis and Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, explain your justification for attending this meeting that clearly was not the intent of the Sunshine Law.
The agenda calls for discussions of water quality and emergency management.....issues that need to be discussed in Israel?
How about you just take the tour and forget the meeting.
A source tells me that an appointment is going to made to a state agency during the Cabinet meeting. The person being appointed is from a local government in Florida. If this information is true....I wonder if any action taken during the meeting would hold up in court.
DeSantis has had a great start to his administration. A visit to Israel is important and proper.
A Cabinet meeting is wrong.
It is a message of arrogant disregard for the law and the citizens of Florida. It is not to late to do the right thing.
Cancel the meeting.


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