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By Brian E. Crowley

Wandering down the magazine aisle of the neighborhood Publix, I noticed that someone had placed quite a few Men's Journal magazines in rows along the display. This seemed odd. A closer look revealed that each one was hiding a magazine about guns. A sample of what someone tried to keep from view is in the photo above.

Let's just say that these gun magazines offer a very aggressive view of gun ownership. A magazine dedicated to the AR-15. Another for the AK-47. There are many other gun magazines not in the photo on display at Publix. Clearly as one customer believes, Publix should not be selling these magazines.

Some AR-15 proponents are outraged at the possibility that Publix, or other stores, might start banning these magazines. An AR-15 forum  and the 1911 forum have many folks weighing in - complete with speculation that Publix has or will ban these magazines. There is even chatter about some silly ways to get even if Publix dares to ban their magazines - like leaving full carts of frozen food in the aisle and then departing. 

Some sample comments:

My wife was looking forward to the new Publix opening in our area. I'll add Publix to the "Banned List", along with Starbucks, Wendy's, Levis, Delta, etc.

It's interesting how so many corporations are glad to sell guns and gun related products when there is no PC pressure and how quickly they turn on us when there is.

I just stopped by my local Publix. The manager didn't know anything about it. I told him that if they did this. It would effect where I bought my groceries.

The same people who erased our southern heritage, tore down statues and labeled a flag a racist banner are now still in the warpath against our gun rights. Why do you sound so surprised? 

Meanwhile, a Parkland student tweeted this:

This is the gun magazine section at our local @Publix less than a mile from my school where my classmates were murdered. Weapons of murder shouldn't be a hobby for people. This is about more than the right to bear arms; our country is obsessed with guns.

Some hours later came this tweet:

My mom went to publix today and they were gone!!! Wild!!! thank you

What should Publix, or any other business that is not selling guns, do with these magazines? Sell them? Ban them? 

Should the Florida Legislature get involved? 

UPDATE: Just returned from Publix. Store now has opaque plastic covers over gun magazine section. You can still see the magazines. This is an effort that is bound to please neither side.


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Maybe. Just maybe instead of covering them up, those folks that have a problem with firearms were to actually read one and educate themselves a little to help stop their ignorance.

Ken Steinhoff

>Should the Florida Legislature get involved?

You gotta be kidding me. If they got involved, every customer would be REQUIRED to buy at least one of these magazines before they could purchase milk and eggs.

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