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Truth be Told

The problems with the Florida Republican Party are they too close to business ignoring the people, refuse to moderate their positions, and Republican leadership suffer from narcissism. Governor Scott, Bondi, and Putnam kiss the ring of Trump, and are all about advancing their own political fortunes. Florida is the Republican party of me vice the Republican Team. Bondi appears on television seeming sympathetic about the executions at Pulse when we all know she gives not a damn about the gay community. Putnam lays low waiting for 2018, and ignores that fact the Florida's citrus is declining at 20% a year due to greening. What are the alternate crops Mr. Putnam? Silence... Then we have little Marco who can not be bothered to show up for his job, until after being humiliated by Trump, and then deciding he better do something positive for the state. Scott is all about making money for himself and his wife. Scott is pushing ZIKA after cutting the budget for mosquito control. Why? This is a Governor who wants fracking, and an increase in carcinogens in out state's water. Why does he care? Money! Scott's wife owns a mosquito control company. Hey, as long as Republican leadership can advance their own political careers, make money off the people, or control the money flow, there will never be an ethical Republican leadership in Tallahassee. It is all very sad. We the people are watching.

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