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Let's start with the fact that Rick Scott is not one of Florida's most beloved governors. Still, the video going viral of a former Lake Worth city commissioner screaming at Scott as he was getting a cup of coffee in a Gainesville Starbucks is troubling.

Cara Jennings, 38, is a self-proclaimed anarchist. Long known in Lake Worth for her antics, as well as her concerns about the poor and others ignored by society at large, Jennings was a city commissioner from 2006 to 2010.

Jennings gives much of herself to fight for the causes she believes in. More citizens should be as involved in issues they care about.

Still, there is nothing appropriate about her screaming at Scott. Her actions suggest someone who has become so self-absorbed that she no longer understands the consequences of boorish behavior.

Of course Scott, as he is about to dash out the door, grins and says he created 1 million jobs.

Once again proving that no Florida governor has ever been more disconnected with the average Floridian than Scott.

Still, Jennings behavior, where a bunch of folks just wanted to drink their coffee, was rude, inappropriate and something not to be applauded.

Unfortunately, many folks are praising what Jennings did.

You should reconsider.


Learn more about Cara Jennings here.


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Dale Robertson

So Mr.Crowley, we should all bow down to the king? Should he be treated like the despot that he has obviously become? Is he not responsible to every single citizen of Florida for his actions? What other situation is he subject to any real criticism from he so-called constituents? There is none! The only jobs I believe he created were in his wives company testing people in need of public assistance for drug use. To ignore the multitude of not just criminal acts but also procedural violations he and his cronies are obviously implicit in you feel free to attack a citizen criticizing him with all vigor. How sad!


Smirky boy got an earful. Too bad nothing else was available for the grinnin' fool and proven crook who's taking our state down the same road as the idiot in Kansas. And the gentle souls who tsk-tsked this frustrated woman will be the idiots who wonder why Florida will be ranking dead last in every category of quality of life.


Scott ignores his constituent's needs. He deserves to be treated like the asshole he is.


I'd like to shake her hand. She was absolutely right to blast him. He's a horrible governor and a horrible excuse for a human being.

Stephanie Kienzle

Regardless of her opinion, her behavior was atrocious. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that you will never get your point across by yelling across a crowded room and making a public nuisance of yourself. It's obvious that she had no intention of having a civil discussion with the governor. Her only intent was to bring negative attention to herself. In that vein, she succeeded.

The social justice warriors who applaud her outburst would be absolutely horrified if someone did the same thing to Obama or Bernie Sanders.

A political difference of opinion is no excuse to act like a two year old having a temper tantrum. There are appropriate ways to let your opinion be known or to petition your representatives in government. This was not one of them.

Suzan Roll

What bunch of holier than thou comments with exception of Art Carlson. Governor Scott has proved over and over that he cares little about people or their plight. He never ever answers a question and avoids his citizens when confrontation is eminentl. He actual deserves pitch forks and a mob... I think she deserves a Brava!

Steve Ellman

You can go ahead and focus on Jennings's well-justified anger, Crowley. The hell with Scott's inhumanity, which you wouldn't be writing about otherwise.

Donna Brosemer

Getting coffee at Starbucks suggests she might need to rethink her priorities. It's ironic that an anarchist would want the govt she hates to takes care of her.


Hmm....glad someone concerned with the poor works at a place that serves a $5 cup of coffee.

Sean Strub

Sometimes "boorish behavior" can serve a useful purpose. "Boorish behavior" has been an important and sometimes integral part of many social and civil rights movements. I commend Cara Jennings and wish Rick Scott couldn't go anywhere in public without being similarly challenged and hectored. If more public officials felt the wrath of the grassroots in such a direct way it would be helpful.


Not sure I would go as far as comparing her to Westboro but I agree that Jennings behavior was boorish.

Pluto Animus

Yeah, she should have planned her comments better.
Maybe someone on her communications team could have written a little speech for her.
I'm sure her public relations team will fix it, though.

Art Carlson

Speaking to power CANNOT be equated to the Westbofo wackos... not ever!

Bill Cotterell

Bravo, Brian. I liken this woman to the Westboro Baptist Church morons who shout anti-gay obscenities, or the abortion crazies who display gory photos of dismembered fetuses at the Capitol. Because she feels very strongly about her cause, she feels excused from any bounds of common decency.

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