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Well this is odd. BuzzFeed is reporting that David Jolly's campaign changed his Wikipedia page to delete reference to his involvement with the Church of Scientology,  the fact that he was a lobbyist, and other information about the Republican U.S. Senate candidate.

From BuzzFeed:

Sarah Bascom, Jolly’s spokesperson, confirmed that the campaign removed references to Jolly’s past career as a lobbyist, his association with the Church of Scientology, his support for same sex marriage, and political contributions he made to Democratic candidates. Bascom accused a unspecified rival campaign of adding what she described as “campaign propaganda” in the first place.

. . .

Each piece of information deleted by the campaign was cited, and some of it has been included in his Wikipedia page for more than a year. After the Jolly campaign deleted the information the first time, on March 15, it was reinstated later in the day by another user. On April 4, the campaign again deleted the information before it was again reinstated.

Asked by BuzzFeed News which Wikipedia users were associated with a rival campaign, Bascom pointed to two users named “CFredkin” and “Champaign Supernova.” Both users have a long history of Wikipedia editing of politicians on both sides of aisle, dating back years. In 2014, “Champaign Supernova” was awarded a Wikipedia “Barnstar Award” for editing the pages of members of Congress. “CFredkin” received a “Barnstar award” as well.

Read the complete BuzzFeed story here.

Clearly Bascom's attempt to remove elements from the Jolly's Wikipedia page was a mistake. It simply highlights for his opponents areas where the Jolly campaign is worried.

Plus, it make the candidate look bad. It makes it appear that he has something to hide.

You can already imagine the 30-second video. 

The Florida Republican primary will be tough enough without unforced errors.


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