Marco Rubio campaign ads tough on amnesty and border security
Jeb Bush rips Marco Rubio

Lindsey Graham's odd moment with Jeb Bush



I have concluded without any hesitation Jeb Bush is that man.

For those worried about going it alone you don't have to worry with Jeb Bush.

Last night he did not talk the most but he made the most sense

Moments after Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina endorsed Jeb Bush for president he described Marco Rubio as someone who will be president someday.

It was a startling moment as Graham stood with Bush, who towered over the shorter Graham, praising the former Florida governor for his ability to be commander-in-chief.

Graham, who specializes in foreign policy and national security, said no one is better prepared to deal with terrorists than Bush.

"His plan to defeat Isil is the most comprehensive and most well thought out of anyone on both sides of the aisle," said Graham, who dropped out of the presidential campaign after failing to garner any significant support.

"Jeb Bush will put the country ahead of the party," said Graham.

Bush said one of his strengths is that,  "I've learned at the age of 62 to know what you don't know." Bush went on to describe South Carolina primary as "really important." Bush is hoping that the Palmetto State can help revive his struggling campaign if he does well enough in Iowa and New Hampshire to make it the first Southern primary.


But in one of those moments that seem to haunt the Bush campaign, Graham answered a question saying, "Marco Rubio will be president of the United States someday" adding that Rubio, at 44, is too young.

If Graham meant it as a slam at Rubio's youth, it didn't work. Instead, he gave the Rubio campaign a potentially useful soundbite: "Marco Rubio will be president of the United States someday."

Expect Rubio to say that day is now.


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Ron Hayes

If Jeb Bush were truly someone who puts the country ahead of the party, he could not have said, "Anyone on this stage is more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton." And if he's smart enough to be president, he's also smart enough to know that's not true.

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