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Jeb Bush hopes to beat expectations and be viable in March primaries

Jeb Bush decides path to victory is to call Donald Trump a jerk in new campaign ad

With his campaign spinning out of control, Jeb Bush seems to be going off in a dozen different directions in the effort to save his candidacy. He has made fun of Marco Rubio's height and his Right to Rise PAC is using a boots wearing figure to call Rubio a flip-flopper despite the fact the Bush and Rubio agree on nearly every issue and have been great pals until Rubio dared to challenge Bush for the GOP nomination.

Now, frustrated by Trump's rise in the polls, Bush who brags that he wants to campaign "joyfully" and concentrate on issues...has stooped to a little name calling.

In a new ad being shown in New Hampshire, Bush calls Trump a "Jerk" for having made fun of a reporter with a disability. It is hard to disagree with Bush that Trump was a jerk to do that but one can't help but note that Bush is more than happy to use it to his own advantage. That's politics.




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