Conservative group goes after Patrick Murphy on ISIS
Lindsey Graham video announcing end of presidential campaign

New Jeb Bush video hits Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton

 Clearly Right to Rise, the Jeb Bush PAC, has had a Vulcan mind meld with the Bush campaign. Both are aggressively attacking Donald Trump as if Trump is the only candidate left in the Republican presidential primary.

Surely it is just a coincidence.

This video, the second in as many days, takes snippets of Bush's comments at the last debate, and uses facial reactions from Trump to make Trump look silly.

The topics include Trump being a "chaos candidate," and Trump comments on ISIS, Hillary Clinton, and where he learns about foreign policy. 

Toward the end of the ad, Bush's debate challenge to Trump is repeated: "Donald you are not going to be able to insult you way to the presidency. That's not gonna happen."

Interestingly, today Bush insulted Trump again calling him a "jerk" at a morning appearance in New Hampshire. Bush has also called Trump "unhinged" and as he frequently repeats, "the chaos candidate."

Apparently Bush does believe you can insult your way to the GOP nomination.

Will Bush's effort to focus on Trump pull the billionaire real estate mogul off the top of the polls?




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chas holman

You can't insult your way.. you Jerk'.. Ha.. Classic Bush.. Talking out of both sides of his big (but deflating quickly) head.

It was all over for Mr Bush, when he displayed his lack of common sense. At this point he is much akin to watching some oafish hillbilly get in a pit of mud with a large pig, and wrestle it. But Mr Bush is tone deaf to such realities. As most hog wrestling oafish hillbillies are..

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