Marco Rubio begins new television ad in Iowa and New Hampshire
Marco Rubio saying nothing brilliantly in this video

Jeb Bush starts Las Vegas debate with a new video

 Jeb bush's new video starts with this question - "What makes us who we are?"

It is a question that Bush has been struggling to answer since he launched his campaign for president. Recent polls suggest that Bush is largely an after thought, if that, for many Republican voters.

Still, Bush clings to the notion that when all is said and done, Republicans will reject Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and all the rest of the GOP field in favor of someone who last held public office 9 years ago.

If Bush is right, it would be one of the biggest comeback stories in modern politics. 

While this ad suggests that Bush is the only one who can take on ISIS, Bush has a more pressing concern at tonight's debate in Las Vegas - proving he can take on Trump and the rest of the field.


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Ken Steinhoff

Two things struck me:

1. Is Obama running for a third term?
2. Does he have a "Mission Accomplished" banner stashed away somewhere? I expected to see it flash up when he was walking up to the warship.

That cheesy voiceover and collection of stock photos didn't do it for me. He needs a new ad agency. Can you say, "low energy?"

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