Marco Rubio new video says Jeb Bush loves him
Baby Got PAC airing new TV ad tonight for Marco Rubio

Washington Post five myths about Jeb Bush

Jenny Rogers, Assistant Editor of Outlook for the Washington Post Tweeted today that "these five myths on Jeb Bush, written by back in June, are feeling relevant right now."

The Washington Post story looks at these myths:

1. Jeb Bush is a moderate.

2 George is the dumb one, Jeb is the smart one.

3. Bush is Marco Rubio's mentor

4. Bush will campaign "joyfully."

5. He has broad support in Florida.

Each myth is explored and some might suggest the myths predicted the future.

Read the Crowley Political Report 5 myths story in the Washington Post here.

A good start as we enter tonight Republican presidential debate on FOX Business, a debate many believe could set the tone for the future of Bush's campaign.



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