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Ted Cruz gets strong reception at Florida Republican Sunshine Summit

At the back of the audience of more than 1,000, a man stands up and shouts at Ted Cruz - "We the people love you."

Cruz was in the middle of his stump speech at the Florida Republican Party Sunshine Summit.  Many in the crowd appeared to love his fierce rhetoric.

He promised to "abolish Common Core first day."

He promised to "end sanctuary cities. . .and stop releasing criminal illegal aliens."

He promise to "take on the EPA ... and abolish the IRS."

Comparing the current election to the late 1970s, Cruz said America is facing many of the same problems but that Republicans should feel optimistic because the failures of the 70s led to Ronald Reagan.

"Washington despised Ronald Reagan...if you see a candidate who Washington embrace run and hide."

He also told Florida Republicans that the state's March primary will be critical to picking the next GOP presidential nominee.

"Florida's primary is at a critical time," said Cruz. "It can ensure that we have a strong conservative."



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