Jeb Bush has skittles, Ben Carson cuts out and Marco Rubio sells clothes
Ted Cruz gets strong reception at Florida Republican Sunshine Summit

Rubio tells crowd none of our candidates under FBI investigation

Marco Rubio got cheers today when he told Florida Republicans, "we don't have any socialists running...and none of our candidates are under investigation by the FBI."

Rubio, the first presidential candidate speaking at the Sunshine Summit, took his shot at Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton near the start of his speech.

Sanders acknowledges being a socialist, while the FBI has apparently begun an investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state.

Rubio said he is the first presidential candidate to sign papers to become a candidate in the Florida primary.  "I had to bring my ID," he said.

Often stern, Rubio warned that America is "running out of time....both parties are too blame for this road we are on."

In an indirect shot at former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Rubio noted that he, "does not come a from rich and powerful family."

Giving much of his stump speech, Rubio talked about threats around the world ("a lunatic in North Korea...a gangster in Moscow"), a weakened military, the national debt, and his plans to fix it all.

Othere highligts:

"Religious liberty is not just the right to believe whatever you want but the right to exercise it at work and at home."

"We must always be the party that protects and defends the Second Amendment"

"Limited government, free enterprise, strong families....if we are not for those things than nobody is for those things."

ubio was cheered repeated and received a standing ovation after his speech.





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