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Jeb Bush told a packed gathering of Florida Republicans that the presidential election is "not about the big personalities on the stage."

Giving an energetic verbal resume focused on his 8 years as Florida's governor, Bush repeated a central theme of his campaign, that his experience governing is what the nation needs in the White House.

"If you want a talker maybe I'm not the one," he said. "But if you want a doer, someone who got things done, then I'm your guy."

Bush's speech had none of the force or passion of earlier speakers like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. But Bush seems to have simply conceded that "it not about the one who can give the best quip."

Before his speech, a two-minute video using Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as foils aired.

While the crowd or more than a 1,000 at times cheered, Bush seemed to receive a less enthusiastic respond than Rubio and Cruz.

Some highlights from Bush's speech:

He talked about being a candidate for governor in 1998, and visiting schools where "listening and learning" helped him lead the state.

"Life is a gift from God that is divinely inspired from beginning to end."

"I took on the teachers union."

"In Washington you have gridlock...where even when they agree nothing happens."

"I will balance the budget."

He promised to ask for a "line item veto" and bring back "veto Corleone."

"We wil have tax reform in a way that will lower taxes for people."

"The most vulnerable in our society need to be in the front of the line not the back of the line."



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