Marco Rubio's speaking tonight has some folks scratching their heads
Rubio tells crowd none of our candidates under FBI investigation

Jeb Bush has skittles, Ben Carson cuts out and Marco Rubio sells clothes

Moments away from today's start of the Florida Republican Party's Sunshine Summit, folks are strolling by an assortment of candidate booths with some interesting choices for the GOP faithful.

Marco Rubio's booth looks like a discount clothing store packed with wearable items for those who support Florida's junior U.S. Senator.  Rubio store


While sales of Rubio-wear seemed less than brisk, the handing out of Rubio stickers by this young woman appeared to be doing well.



Mere feet away is the very popular life-size image of Ben Carson. Lots of folks paused for pictures.

Carson cutout2

Several of the booths have candy. Perhaps the oddest choice was at the Jeb Bush booth - Skittles. Skittles? Pray tell what image should one take from that. And for hard-core Hillary Clinton haters, a booth selling bumper stickers offers this: Hillaryprison
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Jennifer Sergent

Is Carson just as sleepy in person as he looks like on TV? Is he still trying to convince us that China is fighting in Syria? Does his booth have toy knives and belt buckles as souvenirs?

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