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Terrorist attacks in Paris, became nearly the entire theme of Chris Christie's speech to the Florida Republican Sunshine Summit.

The New Jersey governor and presidential candidate began by recounting his experiences with the 911 attacks. "For me terrorism is not theoretical. I went to the funerals. I saw the carnage," he said.

Today, the attacks in Paris have caused him to, "fear as a nation we have begun to lose our focus" on national security needs, he said.

"We have seen evil visited on innocent people once again," said Christie. "Our outrage must turn into action and resolve."

He said border security must be enhanced because, "We must never allow this cult of evil to take hold or live among us."

Christie was sharply critical of President Obama, saying, "On a day like this we all see the desperate need for strong leadership."

He also blasted Obama for his handling of immigration laws.

"I will not pick the laws I like and ignore the ones I don't," said Christie. ""My presidency will never look like an imperial presidency like the one we have right now."

"I'm tested. I'm ready," to be president, he said.

"The world is desperate for a strong, secure, tested," president, he said. "The hour is too late for people to be trained."



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