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Marco Rubio's speaking tonight has some folks scratching their heads

Baby Got PAC airing new TV ad tonight for Marco Rubio

Yes it is an odd name for a PAC, but Baby Got PAC is backed by a multi-millionaire supporting Marco Rubio.

The first ad, which is below, is expected air tonight on Fox Business ahead of the Republican presidential debate. 

GOP rich guy John Jordan is behind the PAC. The ad was put together by Florida political consultant Rick Wilson. 

The ad starts with a gloomy "a world gone out of control" approach and then asks "and they wonder why we're angry?"

Next the ad says Baby Got PAC had to decide "which conservative candidate to support." It quickly dismisses Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Ben Carson.  (Note the ad does not mention Jeb Bush).

Instead, the ad suggests the answers comes from the Democrats - the candidate the fear most.

And not just any Democrat. 

Hillary Clinton.

See for yourself.



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M Justus

One of the dumbest ads I've seen in a while. There is NO incentive in this ad for me to vote for Rubio. The reason for my vote should be, what... rah, rah, rah for our team?! That's IT? I have never voted for a Democrat in any State or National election, but this is a really dumb ad.

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