Perhaps Jeb Bush forgot Tallahassee
A different kind of ad from Jeb Bush to Hispanic voters

Right to Rise campaign ad takes a low energy approach to Jeb Bush

 If Right to Rise is a tad miffed at Donald Trump's accusation that Jeb Bush is low energy, this campaign ad would seem to suggest that Right to Rise is fine with that characterization.

Right to Rise takes away the ! and gives viewers just JEB.

What's a Jeb without !

The ad begins with a figure in shadow who - hold your hats - is really Jeb. The tactic assumes, correctly, that few voters outside of Florida know much about Jeb other than the fact that his last name is Bush.

A male voice says, "As governor he helped create 1.3 million new jobs. He vetoed billions in government spending. He cut taxes $19 billion, balanced 8 budgets, and shrank state government. He took on unions and won with new accountability and over 200 new charter schools.

"The state was Florida. The governor was Jeb Bush. Proven conservative. Real results - JEB."

There are a number of at lease slight exaggerations in these statements - Bush was required by the Florida Constitution to submit balanced budgets every year. 

This is a traditional introduction ad. Not flashy. Hit's the topics polls suggest work with voters. American flag. Men, women, workers, minority, hard hats. An ad style that is decades old.  

What will Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary voters think?



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Jeb Bush should get some losers from the Trump bankrupt deals and show that he hurt real people who invested with him. He started out rich and used others to enhance his riches.

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