Jeb Bush New Hampshire campaign ad looks a bit tense
Perhaps Jeb Bush forgot Tallahassee

Marco Rubio video tells supporters not to worry about his campaign

Florida Senator Marco Rubio started out his presidential campaign as one of the most talked about Republican candidates. Some GOP leaders saw him as the brightest star in the Republican galaxy.

Today, his star has fizzled a bit under the supernova that is Donald Trump. Rubio has faded into deep single digits in the polls and can take some solace from the fact that fellow Floridian Jeb Bush isn't doing much better.

In an unusual, and lengthy video (more than 11 minutes), Rubio reminds supporters that he was expected to lose the Senate race in the Republican primary against Charlie Crist. The video, which is being distributed by an email also asking for donations, is telling supporters to keep the faith.

Another take-away from the video is that much of what he is saying today, is repeated nearly word-for-word with what Rubio was saying five-years ago. 



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