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Jeb Bush New Hampshire campaign ad looks a bit tense

 Jeb Bush's first campaign ad in New Hampshire feels a bit tense. Anyone who has followed Bush closely might recognize a hint of frustration in his tone and face. 

The 30-second ad begins with Bush saying, "We have an important choice to make about the direction of our country."

But then Bush reverts to one of his most difficult sales pitches:

"If you want more DC politicians or more self-promoters you've got options."

You could look at that phrase and presume he is talking about folks like Marco Rubio (DC politician) and Donald Trump (self-promoter).

But since the start of Bush's campaign, his angst about "DC politicians" has had a bit of a hollow ring. It is hard to sound a like a convincing outsider when your grandfather, father and brother have been "DC politicians" and you are longing to be one.

As for self-promotion - while Trump is in a class all to himself - the very nature of politics is self promotion.

Bush then goes on to say he is "offering something different, leadership, ideas, and a proven conservative record."

Different? Perhaps. But there are other candidates who can make the same claims. And it's not a terribly original sound-bite. It is not like the other candidates are claiming to have no leadership or ideas and a liberal record.

Bush goes on to say that as Florida governor he cut taxes and spending and "balanced the budget." Which every Florida governor and legislature does because it required by law.

His final shot - clearly aimed at Trump, is "anybody can talk, I've delivered."

What is not delivered here is a compelling ad.


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