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A different kind of ad from Jeb Bush to Hispanic voters

In an interesting twist, a new Bush campaign ad aimed at Hispanic voters has Jeb speaking Spanish and his  Mexican-born wife, Columba, speaking English. 

As first reported by the Washington Post, this ad is the first time Mrs. Bush has been a focus point of the campaign.

"I have lived over half my life here. We all have the same interests, the same feelings," says Mrs. Bush. "We go to church every Sunday. We have celebrations with the family and we keep our traditions. But at the end it’s just that, faith, friends and family."

 While speaking Spanish, Jeb tells viewers, "To me, Hispanic culture is very important and positive. . .Hispanics contribute more every day to our culture; they are an integral part of the American dream."

 The ad is peppered with family photos. As the Post noted, the ad is also a striking rebuke of Donald Trump who has insisted that Bush should speak English. 



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Asok Asus

I heard that Panderbear Bush will be speaking Ebonics in his next ad, you know, to pander to, uh, I mean to tout his diversity.

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