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I don't find Bushes fall from grace to be that big a surprise. Except for the "Terri" Schiavo case I didn't find him to be particularly conservative and that was out and out intrusive. His claim to fame was the mere fact that the economy was out of this world and it's hard to screw it up when the legislature is flush with cash each session.

And I personally don't find him that attractive in terms of his personality. I don't get the impression that he's the least bit interested in what the people might think because he's already figured out what it is that they need. Guess what? It's not him.

Not one person in the REC that I'm a member of is a vocal supporter. Every straw poll I've seen since May here in Florida by small groups have reflected that Pluto gets more warmth than Bush with him barely scratching out a vote or two. In contrast there is strong support for Cruz, Walker and Carson and an acknowledgement that Trump has upended the field by talking about an issue the GOP is just too scared to talk about: and that's dumping the freaking illegals and getting them out of the country.

The illegals made their choice, took their chance and now they've been proven to be wrong in the attitude of the American people. I'm more concerned about the 90 million Americans that should be working and the lack of upward wage pressure due to the illegals taking off the books jobs. Bush is on the wrong side of that issue too.

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