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Jeb Bush video takes on teacher unions and Hillary Clinton

 Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has a new video that starts with him reminding voters that, "I took on the teachers union in Florida."  The 2016 Republican presidential candidate also criticizes Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for only having "three bills that she sponsored" become law.

In the video Bush says: "Conservatives can be elected president of the United States. I am absolutely convinced of it."

Well that is true. One could suggest that his father and brother were conservatives who got elected president. And there was that guy Reagan. 

But we digress.

Bush goes on to say, "this about being a beacon of peace and prosperity for the world."

This ad is brought to you by Jeb! 2016.



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ray barrosse

I would love to know what he meant about taking on a teachers union. Teachers are so underpaid for what they do that it is unreal to believe that a governor would do something to keep them from getting a decent salary.

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