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Quinnipiac Poll has Hillary Clinton leading Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in Florida

Take all of these early polls with a grain of salt including this one from Quinnipiac that shows Hillary Clinton ahead of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in Florida. 

Clinton gets 47 percent to Rubio's 44 percent. She gets 46 percent to Bush's 42 percent. Essentially tied. What the poll really means is that Florida will continue to be a state that will help determine who will be the next president.

The poll also finds:

Being honest and trustworthy is the most important quality in deciding their vote, 39 percent of Florida voters say, while 28 percent most want strong leadership qualities and 32 percent most want a candidate who cares about their needs and problems.

Voters say 50 - 34 percent that Rubio is honest and trustworthy; 52 - 33 percent that he has strong leadership qualities and 53 - 37 percent that he cares about their needs and problems.

Bush scores 52 - 36 percent on being honest, 62 - 29 percent on strong leadership and 48 - 43 percent for caring for voters' needs and problems.

Clinton is not honest, voters say 51 - 43 percent, but she is a strong leader, voters say 61 - 37 percent. She gets a divided 48 - 46 percent on caring for voters' needs and problems.

Read more poll details here.


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