Jeb Bush ducks Iowa straw poll but not because he opposes straw polls
Jeb Bush to announce his presidential campaign decision

Marco Rubio says get rid of outdated leaders does he include Jeb Bush?

 Florida Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Marco Rubio sent a video for his appearance today at Governor Rick Scott's economic summit in Orlando. In the video, Rubio raps "outdated leaders." It is an ongoing theme of his campaign. 

Attending the summit is "I'm still kinda thinking about it even though sometimes a slip-of-the-tongue has me admitting I'm a candidate" former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. 

Which leaves one wondering are Rubio's remarks intended to sweep Bush into the net of old fogies?

Rubio: "While our economy is transforming our policies and our leaders are not. Our outdated leaders continue to cling to outdated ideas. . . .Time has come for a new generation of leaders."

So tell us Senator - are you including Jeb Bush among the old timers?



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