Jeb Bush did it before will he do it again
Marco Rubio rapid response video aimed at Hillary Clinton speech

Jeb Bush launches new campaign ad



 We get a hint of what the start of Jeb Bush's presidential campaign will look like from this video the former Florida governor launched today.

Note that the ad is dubbed Today and Tomorrow. It certainly suggests that Bush is not about to cede any ground to fellow Florida Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio. 

Rubio has sharply divided the race between old-hands, who he is portraying as out-of-touch with the 21st Century, and the younger generation of politicians who Rubio claims are better prepared to deal with life's new realities.

In Bush's campaign video, coming just ahead of his formal campaign announcement on Monday, he is shown campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire. Oops, not campaigning - exploring. He quickly shifts to a wedding photo of Bush and his wife Columba.

He than brags about his achievements as Florida's governor before switching to a brief look at the future.




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