Jeb Bush names campaign manager
Jeb Bush launches new campaign ad

Jeb Bush did it before will he do it again

Jeb exclamation point
No we're talking about the Oak Ridge Boys who often serenaded Jeb Bush supporters with "Elvira." It would not be surprising to find them on stage Monday as the former Florida governor launches his 2016 presidential campaign.

The real question is - will the Bush campaign bring back !

Yup, the exclamation point. It was a staple of Bush's earlier campaigns.


So Crowley Political Report reached out to a well-placed Bush source with perhaps the most important question of the campaign - is the ! back?

These are not the kinds of things that a campaign takes lightly. We're already seen a misstep with the reaching hand of Bush's Right to Rise PAC. Odd looking, easily made fun of, and not very presidential the image has been dismissed as a hand groping for dollars.

So one can only imagine the discussions over the !

Keep it? Drop it? Add more? Jeb!!!!!!

Is it back?

Yes. Jeb is not Jeb with !

If you looks at the photo below, you might conclude that after the 1994 appearance of Jeb!, Lamar Alexander swiped it for his 1996 race for president. 

Let's just note that Mike Murphy is a top consultant for both Bush and Alexander.

We're fairly confident that Bush will not make plaid a signature of his campaign.

Lamar exclamation point

Of course, we still don't know if Bush will use this as his campaign theme song.



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