Marco Rubio statement about Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush speech text from Miami Dade College

Jeb Bush announcement get underway with Barbara Bush entering gym

We will be posting text of Jeb's speech shortly.

Update6: Jeb kisses his mother and takes the stage.

Update5: State Sen. Don Gaetz, in a chamber  still in special session because Legislature could not complete state budget on time, is talking about leadership. 

"The education system he created is one of the best....he faced down the unions and lifted up the children."

Now another campaign video.

Update4:  Jeb's son, George P, the Texas Land Commissioner is now speaking. "My dad taught us about faith in God....after awhile he decided to convert and become a member of the Catholic Church."

"My Dad knows who he is. He knows what he believes."

 "No matter where I go, no matter what I do, he loves me no questions asked."

Update3: Bush's former LG, Toni Jennings, speaking. She talks about Bush's BHAGs, (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), changing education and taking on the bureaucracy. "I saw that his commitment was constant and he worked hard at it every day."

"He never backs away from an issue."

 Update2: Berthy De La Rosa-Aponte gives a passionate speech about how Jeb Bush helped her family. "With Jeb Bush in the White House we are going to have a leader who will serve all Americans"

Update 1: We've had the music. We've had the singing of the national anthem. We've had the prayer. We've had the first speech.  We are now having a Bush campaign video featuring people who been helped by Jeb Bush policies.


Hundreds of Jeb Bush supporters cheered when the 2016 presidential candidates mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, entered the gymnasium at Miami Dade College. Mrs. Bush famously said last year that the nation has had enough of the Bush family and someone else should run for president.

She has since changed her mind.

Others attending are former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, current Attorney General Pam Bondi, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, former U.S. Senator Mel Martinez., and former United Nations Ambassador Mark Wallace.

More from Miami Dade College as it happens. You can also follow us on Twitter @crowleyreport. 


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