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American Bridge, a Democratic video specialist, has come out with a dandy look at recent polls showing former Florida Governor Jeb Bush struggling in the polls. The video snaps back and forth among various talking heads grimly suggesting Bush is in trouble.

The video also includes comments from Bush including his suggestion that everyone "take a chill pill" rather than get worked up about the polls.

Bush is right about one thing - most of these polls, particularly national polls - are silly and meaningless. Many news organizations commit journalistic malfeasance by blowing these polls all out of proportion. 

But Bush knows better than to completely dismiss the polls. While many of them are silly, the constant chatter causes anxiety among active Republicans who take the polls all too seriously. Then, there is a risk that the polls become self-fulfilling causing both potential supporters and donors to have doubts.

If Bush were a lesser known figure, even the national political press corps might have started treating him like his last name was Perry,  Huckabee or Santorum. 

Whatever you think about the polls, this is an entertaining video.



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