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Jeb Bush will go to Europe in June to burnish foreign policy

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who is on the cusp of formally announcing his candidacy for president, will travel to Europe in June to burnish his foreign policy credentials.

Reuters is reporting that Bush will go to Germany, Poland and Estonia. Reuters is attributing the trip to an unnamed Bush aide. Read the Reuters story here

While Bush has traveled to other countries mostly to enhance his business career, he has virtually no experience in actual foreign policy. This trip is surely intended to fill in the gaps. In addition, Bush has surrounded himself with foreign policy experts from both his brother and father's administrations. 

Neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama entered their first terms with a deep understanding of the many nuances of world politics. Jeb Bush has said little about what he would do in dealing with global issues if elected president.

According to Reuters: In Germany, the former Florida governor will address the governing Christian Democratic Union economic conference, said the aide, who requested anonymity. In Poland and Estonia, Bush will meet government and business leaders as well as leaders of civic and non-governmental organizations.



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