Jeff Atwater announces he will not run for Marco Rubio seat
See Hillary Clinton's campaign announcement video

Jeb Bush releases new video ahead of Hillary Clinton announcement

 Just hours before Hillary Clinton is expected to formally announce her second bid for president, Jeb Bush's campaign-in-waiting released a video this morning with Bush speaking directly, in somewhat of a monotone - to the camera.

Nothing new here except he sounds more like a candidate. The issues are the usually check-the-box issues and he, of course, notes that "we must do better than the Obama, Clinton foreign policy."

He concludes with "I know we can do better and together we will."

Oops....does that mean he's now a declared candidate? Did he go a tad too far in making that statement as someone "exploring" a candidacy? Does this video create a problem with the FEC? 

His rivals in both parties may start asking those questions?

It is also noteworthy that Bush decided to do this video not only ahead of Clinton but just a day before U.S. Senator Marco Rubio makes his announcement.

Here's the video"



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