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Just a day after Charlie Crist announced on Facebook that he will not run for the U.S. Senate, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz tells CNN that she too will stay out of the 2016 Florida race.

The coincidence of the two back-to-back announcements could leave one wondering if an effort is being made by Democrats to pave the way for Congressman Patrick Murphy who is expected to jump into the race next week.

Murphy, who is in his second term from a Republican leaning district, is one of the few bright spots for Florida Democrats who have been routinely slaughtered in state races over the past two decades. The governor's mansion, three elected cabinet officers, as well as a majority of the state House and Senate are controlled by the GOP. 

Democrats are thrilled with Murphy who has proven to be a strong fundraiser, a wily campaigner, and an articulate spokesman for moderate Democrats.

Congressman Alan Grayson also is talking about a run, but he may be too bogged down by his ugly divorce battle. Plus, Grayson lives in a political world that his largely unique to Grayson. 

Of course all of this depends on Republican incumbent Marco Rubio leaving the Senate to either run for president or governor in 2018. Rubio seems to be heading toward a 2016 presidential run and he has insisted that he will not run for reelection if his presidential campaign founders. 

For now, Crist and Wasserman Schultz have done Murphy a huge favor.

Here's is DWS breaking the news to Wolf Blitzer:



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