Democrats wonder what all the fuss is about with Bush announcement
American Bridge video has Republicans saying Jeb Bush should not run

Not everyone is thrilled with Jeb Bush announcement

This morning, Jeb Bush used Facebook to announce the start of his Leadership PAC - which for all practical purposes makes him a candidate for president. Read our report here. As of about 2:30 this afternoon, the former Florida governor had nearly 1,200 comments on his Facebook post. 

Crowley Political Report looked at more than 200 of the comments and the trend line is not a good one for Bush - at least in Facebook world which is rarely the place to find thoughtful commentary.

Anyway, to spare you from reading the growing number of comments - here's a sample:

Lynne Dube I agree with Mr. Linville ^ - I will not vote for you or any RINO - if you run, you doom this country to another 4 years, at least, of liberalism and the trashing of the Constitution. If you love America - don't run.

Harold Waycasie PLEASE for the love of God do NOT run for President... if you run our country in the same manner in which you operated as Governor of Florida in 2005 when you sat by and allowed Terri Schiavo to be starved to death, then you'll bury this country within a year ....

Glenn Martin Best Governor Florida has ever had. Stay true to the values and process you had as governor and you will go far. I hope you don't stray from them.

Mark Noonan You run, you will lose - and this is coming from a person who voted for you for governor in 1994. You have absolutely zero chance of ever being President of the United States. Leave off it - maybe in 20-30 years your son can do it, but you haven't got a chance.

Robin Cooper another President Bush sounds great to me, Thank You for your service.

Carol Ann Paris We don't like your stand on Illegal Immigrants or your Common Core views....Please pass on becoming a nominee.

Kathleen Coad O'Brien No Jeb and we will not "come around" on Common Core. No more Bush or Clinton, what kind of ego thinks 2 families should run our country for YEARS?

Enrique Rivera About time... a thoughtful and eloquent small "c" conservative... Jeb '16!!!

Genevieve Young Brown No. Please. No.

Kimberly Brummitt I will work on your campaign anyway I can!!!!


Kelley Deshaies I'm sure you're a decent guy who loves his country but please don't run.

Nancy Skipper Jeb, I'm sure you are a very nice man, but honestly we are Bushed out and Clintoned to death (And I LOVE "W"!) ....please don't run.

Greg Pickard Please do run!! I think you have the talent to get our great country out of the current mess it is in.

Carmen Jimenez I am glad you have decided to run, you will make a great President!

Anita Eliseo Nabejar I will vote for Jeb Bush.

Jean Kosits Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Robert Bess Do this country a favor and DON'T DO IT!!!!! Sorry but you are not the leader that the United States of America needs. Go be a Governor of a liberal state somewhere

Janet Howell Whitaker Merry Christmas! I do love the Bush family and "W" was a good man, but please DO NOT RUN for President. Our country definitely needs a change but it is NOT YOU!

Richard A. Ekstedt Sad to say, and I am a conservative leaning Independent, now is NOT the time. Because of his brother-who I mostly supported-his running will give the odious Hillary Clinton a victory. Time to look to Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and other outside of the black suit crowd! My opinion!!

Francis Dietz Don't listen to the naysayers,Jeb. If you have the fire in the belly and you think you can bring America back to its optimistic greatness again, go for it!

Kyle P. Katterjohn Behind you all the way,,,,if Gov. Perdue likes you I like you. Hunting friends.

Doug Bridges Awesome, Jeb! I am so excited as I remember your two extremely successful terms as FL Governor.

Becky Hardesty-Johnson Governor - I am thrilled to hear this news. I would like to volunteer in any way I can for the exploratory segment and on to the campaign for President. This news made my day.

George Wheeler Best news I heard all day !!

Laura Perry This just ruined my day! NO MORE BUSHES! Not a dynasty in the making.





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Mary E.

Interestingly enough the persons that are encouraged most about your running for president are Hispanics. I would not vote for you simply because of your prejudiced stand on immigration. It astounds me to learn that you only speak Spanish in your household - can that be true?

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