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New Jersey editorial wants Jeb Bush to run to stop Chris Christie

We are deep into the will he or won't he stage of Jeb Bush for president speculation. Now we have a editorial from the New Jersey Star Ledger calling on Bush to run to force New Jersey Governor Chris Christie out of the race.

"Let's hope he jumps in" says the editorial page today. "He is one of the grown-ups in the Republican Party, a pragmatist who believes in the art of compromise, and he has shown the guts to push back against pressure from the Tea Party on big issues, like immigration and taxes."

Then the Star Ledger offers its real reason for supporting Bush:

If Bush jumps in, that deals a hard blow to the presidential hopes of Gov. Chris Christie, who is trying to stake out that same ground.

So a Bush candidacy would likely hasten the day when Christie gives up, and gets back to doing his job.

Well that's an interesting reason to push for a Bush candidacy. 

But then the editorial concludes:

This is not endorsement of Bush. And yes, the idea of another Bush-Clinton race leaves a sour taste.

But he’s clearly one of the party’s most sensible voices. And if he can start strong, who knows, we might get our governor back and have at least a chance to fix what’s broken at home.

Read the editorial here.


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