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Not surprisingly, former florida governor Jeb Bush posted a strongly worded statement on Facebook opposing President Obama’s decision to ease tensions with Cuba by restoring diplomatic relations.

While Bush's position may be popular in part of South Florida, there is a question has to whether his continued support of the embargo will affect is budding 2016 presidential campaign.

Here is Bush's statement:

December 17, 2014 at 3:30pm

The Obama Administration’s decision to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba is the latest foreign policy misstep by this President, and another dramatic overreach of his executive authority. It undermines America’s credibility and undermines the quest for a free and democratic Cuba.

The beneficiaries of President Obama’s ill-advised move will be the heinous Castro brothers who have oppressed the Cuban people for decades.

I am delighted that Alan Gross has been released. It will be a joy and relief for his wife and family to have him home this Hanukkah season. He is innocent and should never have been in prison in the first place, nor spent five long years there as he suffered in poor health. It is, however, unfortunate that the United States chose to release three convicted spies.

Cuba is a dictatorship with a disastrous human rights record, and now President Obama has rewarded those dictators. We should instead be fostering efforts that will truly lead to the fair, legitimate democracy that will ultimately prevail in Cuba.



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