Has Florida cut too much?
Rick Scott invites Obama to campaign in Florida for Charlie Crist

What Twitter is saying about Florida Governor debate

About to start the pre-taped debate of the FL gov debate on Telemundo that will be broadcast in full in Spanish only @ 7 that few will see

Dramatic music. Here. we. go. #debate2014

Before the debate even starts Rick Scott is judging his performance.

Screens have gone blank in press room for Fla gov. debate. Groans all around from reporters.#pbgovdebate

For you undecided voters, @FLGovScott has a red tie, @CharlieCrist a blue one #debate2014

First answer from Crist re: why his favorables are so low: Scott's negative ads, Scott opposes minimum wage etc.

.@FLGovScott: "I got elected on a program to turn the state around...It's clearly working."

Scott calls Crist a 'mudslinger.'

.@FLGovScott brings up former Republican @CharlieCrist's past criticisms of Dems Bill Clinton, Lawton CHiles, George Sheldon

 Lauren Mayk ‏@WFLALauren  1m1 minute ago

Moderator cuts in, asks @FLGovScott to answer question about negative view #wflapolitics #T51debate


Question about minimum wage increase to Scott. He doesn't answer directly, but references CBO report that says it could cost jobs

. @FLGovScott hitting @CharlieCrist flip-flops using minimum wage. "He did not lift a finger" to raise it when in office, scott said

.@CharlieCrist says raising minimum wage to $10.10 a "clear distinction" between him and @FLGovScott; calls Scott "out of touch"

Scott: 'I don't support raising the minimum wage.' It would cost 500k jobs. Crist says he wants a $10.10/hr min wage.

 Marc Caputo ‏@MarcACaputo  48s48 seconds ago

"Charlie should be known as the Zero-Wage Goverrnor," Scott says of Crist, saying he was all-talk no-action when there was job loss

.@CharlieCrist favors driver licenses for children of undocumented immigrants. "My grandfather was a dreamer."

Rick Scott ‏@ScottforFlorida  40s41 seconds ago

Decision on driver’s license bill reflected Washington’s failure on immigration http://scottforflorida.tumblr.com/99480224949  #FLGov

#DebateDodge 3 - @FLGovScott doesn't talk about his own vision for Florida, instead takes credit for the global economic recovery #T51Debate

Scott says the driver license bill that he vetoed would have changed nothing. Not true.

CHARLIE VS. CHARLIE – On immigration, was @CharlieCrist lying then, or is he lying now? http://scottforflorida.tumblr.com/99598272064  #FLGov 

Rick Scott cut Bright Futures students in HALF. 50k students felt the impact - that's like wiping out the University of Florida. #T51Debate

Rick Scott switched position on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Full Flop on the Flip-O-Meter. http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2014/may/02/rick-scott/rick-scott-opposed-state-tuition-dreamers-he-embra/ …

 Eric Jotkoff ‏@Eric_Jotkoff  7m7 minutes ago

Why is anyone shocked that Rick Scott didn't answer the question asked? Has he ever answered the question? honestly people... #debate2014

So far the @FLGovScott strategy seems to be no matter what the question, say @CharlieCrist raised tuition #debate2014

Crist's voice is thunderous on the feed. Scott's is a whisper #Debate2014 #T51Debate

Asked about importance of Hispanic voters, Scott mentions job losses under Crist. Can't really quote because I can't hear. Thanks Telemundo

Reporter carping sounds like Telemundo is hitting mute button on #Debate2014 remote

.@CharlieCrist stressing minimum wage, Medicaid expansion, Bright Futures -- big issues w Latino voters.

Crist: "climate change is real"

I'm proud to be on the People's Ticket with @CharlieCrist. We must expand medicaid for Floridians who need health care. #T51Debate

.@CharlieCrist’s plan to increase our electricity bills http://scottforflorida.tumblr.com/99496052524  #FLGov

"This is always talk vs. action with Charlie..did nothing," Scott says, talks about Everglades, not climate change (subject of question)

Scott says Crist was 'all talk & no action' on climiate change, Everglades.

Crist says people are paying 'Rick taxes" by way of higher utility rates.

@PatriciaMazzei: Scott addresses Crist repeatedly as "Charlie," dismissively.

Scott points out that Crist backs Obamacare, and that people have lost insurance and coverage

.@FLGovScott says Obamacare "disaster for our state...Charlie thinks it's great."

If "everyone having access to healthcare is important" to you, why won't you expand Medicaid Gov. Scott? #T51Debate

.@CharlieCrist says @FLGovScott listened to tea party and opted not to expand Medicaid


Charlie Crist switched positions on Obamacare, many times. Full Flop on the Flip-O-Meter. http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2014/sep/30/charlie-crist/charlie-crist-has-changed-positions-several-times-/ … PS He's for it now.

Judging by Twitterverse, seems like @CharlieCrist is outquipping @FLGovScott at halftime. #debate2014

Scott asked about Medicaid expansion: "I’m going to make sure people get jobs, it’s the best way to get health care"

Here's where Crist isn't doing well: He's not clearly saying what he'll do or what he did. Not making a case for reelection

Here's what Scott isn't doing well: He's not clearly saying what he'll do.

Question about gay marriage for Scott. He answers by pointing out it happened under Crist. He's not saying where he stands

http://askrickscott.com  RT @MarcACaputo: Asked about gay-marriage stance again: Scott doesn't answer, says it's going through the courts

"Who are we to tell people who to love or who to marry... we all have come a long way" Crist says

Who are we to tell people who to love or who to marry? Even the Pope said it - who are we to judge? #T51Debate

And Crist ducks the question about whether there should be a re-vote of gay-marriage. Same as Scott


@CharlieCrist: "I think medical marijuana is a much better alternative" than dangerous pills

Will someone please please please ask Scott & Crist if they inhaled? #Amendment2 . #pbgovdebate

Crist says he supports medical marijuana amendment; Scott says it 'scares the living daylights out of me,' citing drug probls in his family.

Candidates asked about Cuban embargo; Scott says he 'believes' in it; calls the Castros 'terrorists.'

Crist: "Rick Scott: can you believe him. Can you trust him?"

Scott: I "took responsibility" for HCA (never says how), pivots to the fraudsters who backed Crist: Scott Rothstein and Jim Greer

.@ScottforFlorida puts another misleading press release on tax returns. @CharlieCrist has released his returns, his spouse hasn't

Who had "Ebola" in the gubernatorial debate topic pool six months ago?

Scott took 5th Amd 75 times in civil suit, but saying he did to avoid jail was a stretch. Half True on Crist TV ad http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2014/sep/25/charlie-crist/crist-says-scott-pleaded-fifth-75-times-avoid-jail/ …

That Ebola question was five minutes of debate that I'll never get back. Answers sounded like the wa-wa-wa of the teacher in Peanuts

Marc Caputo ‏@MarcACaputo  20s20 seconds ago

  1. Scott opened more positive than Crist, Crist closed more positive and Scott ends with a shot at Crist.


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