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Rudy Giuliani still ticked off at Charlie Crist

Cleary Rudy Giuliani has no intention of forgiving Charlie Crist for endorsing John McCain over him just before the Florida presidential primary in January 2008.

It was a time when every Republican presidential candidate was trooping into Crist's office hoping to win the Republican governor's endorsement. At the last minute, Crist endorsed Arizona Sen. John McCain. 

Giuliani insisted that he was promised Crist's endorsement and that Crist betrayed him. Crist insiders said at the time that Crist never gave a final nod to Giuliani and that it was all a misunderstanding.

At the same time, Crist was hoping to become the GOP nominee's running mate and he thought his best chance was with McCain. In fact, McCain's VEEP search team asked for comprehensive background material from Crist.

McCain chose Sarah Palin. 

In the months leading up to the Florida primary, Giuliani's frontrunner status began eroding after stories about his business dealing and long time love affair while mayor of New York. In addition, some social conservatives threatened to form a third party if a candidate like Giuliani, who was pro-choice and pro gay rights, got the nomination.

Giuliani began slipping in the polls and he bet all his chips on a Florida victory to revive his campaign.

Giuliani came in third in the Florida primary and days later dropped out of the race.

Now Crist is a Democrat trying to defeat Republican Rick Scott and return to the governor's mansion. 

Here's what Giuliani had to say about Crist during a campaign appearance today with Scott: 


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