What Twitter is saying about Florida Governor debate
Charlie Crist ad says Rick Scott broke his promise on jobs

Rick Scott invites Obama to campaign in Florida for Charlie Crist

Florida's race for governor may be heading deeply into the if you vote for Charlie Crist you are voting for President Obama territory.

With the President deep into the barrel of public disaprroval, turning him into a surrogate candidate has been a popular ploy in House and Senate races around the country.

Democrat Patrick Murphy has been tagged with Obama by his Republican rival Carl Domino in Florida 18th congressional district. So far, it does not appear to be helping Domino who appears to be having a difficult time surpassing Murphy who has run a well-financied and masterful campaign.

Today, Governor Rick Scott taunted Crist - politically infamous for the Obama/Crist hug - for not encouraging Obama to campaign for him in the Sunshine State.

Scott's hooks his comment on a line in Wall Street Journal story saying the Crist campaign has become wary of an Obama visit.

From a Scott press release:

Governor Rick Scott released the following statement today after the media reported Charlie Crist is “now wary of inviting Mr. Obama to publicly appear with him out of concern that it would shift the focus of the race from local issues to national ones.” (Wall Street Journal, 10/10/14)

Governor Rick Scott: “Our state is turning around because we have done the exact opposite of Washington. We threw out the Crist-Obama playbook of higher taxes, more debt and more spending. We made government get out of the way of Florida job creators by undoing Charlie Crist’s tax increases and 15 percent year-after-year tuition hikes on college students. The results of our pro-growth policies are clear – businesses have created more than 640,000 new jobs. And even though we have more work to do to get every Florida family working again, I hope President Obama can make a trip to the Sunshine State soon to see the results of our pro-growth policies – even if he is not invited on the campaign trail with Charlie Crist.”

One wonders if Scott is asking former President George W. Bush to campaign for him here.

Maybe we could have Bush and Obama on the same day. Now that would be interesting.



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Ben Starling

It will be a nail biter until the last vote is counted... cannot wait for the commercials to stop!

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