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Florida Governors Debate we have an extremely peculiar situation

One way to turn a Florida governor debate into an oops

Sixty years ago, one of the most embarrassing moments in a Florida gubernatorial debate took place between Democratic candidates Charlie Johns and LeRoy Collins.

This was 1954 and the Democratic nominee would be the certain victor. Republicans were an afterthought until 1960 when Claude Kirk became the first GOP candidate to win since Reconstruction.

Johns became acting governor, after the untimely death of Dan McCarty of Fort Pierce. There was no lieutenant governor and Johns was Senate President. A special election was held and LeRoy Collins would go on to become one of Florida most revered governors.

During this debate, perhaps Florida's first televised debate, Collins reads from an advertisement in the Miami Herald saying Johns had whipped Collins during the debate.

The problem - it was an early edition of the morning newspaper and the debate had not yet taken place.

Collins nails Johns. 

Johns squirms. 


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I won't be watching because Adrian Wyllie was excluded.

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