It may have been the most interesting Scott Crist exchange but
Rudy Giuliani still ticked off at Charlie Crist

New Next Gen ad accuses Rick Scott of helping Koch brothers pollute St. Johns River

 The lastest ad from billionaire Tom Steyer and his Next Gen Climate Action Committee says the Koch Brothers owned Georgia Pacific was stopped from polluting the St. Johns River by Charlie Crist. 

The ad then says the Governor Rick Scott allowed GP to pollute suggesting it was in exchange for $6 million in campaign contributions himself and others from the Koch Brothers.

From the ad:

Narrator: The St. Johns River. Georgia Pacific tried to dump cancer causing chemicals into it and Charlie Crist fought them to protect Florida families.

Then Rick Scott took over. Now Georgia Pacific is polluting the river. 

Who owns Georgia Pacific? The Koch Brothers - spending $6 million on Scott and his allies. 

Rick Scott - for the powerful few. And sometimes, just the powerful two.

With nearly every poll showing the race between Crist and Scott tied, Steyer and the Koch brothers must be sweating the outcome.  



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