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New ad says Rick Scott spent $800,000 on governor's mansion while cutting education

There are certainly no shortage of wealthy folks living in the Sunshine State. But weath has become an issue in the race to become Florida's governor with both sides claiming the other is rich and out of touch.

Here' the latest attack on private jets aimed at Republican governor Rick Scott. This ad is from Demcorat Charlie Crist who does not own a private jet but likes to ride in them.


UPDATE: The Scott campaign reached out Crowley Political Report with a lengthy response to the ad.

An excerpt from the campaign's response:

Charlie Crist’s attacks regarding the Governor’s mansion are absolutely false. No state money was used for anything other than state property repairs as provided in law.  

It’s no wonder these repairs to a public building weren’t done under Charlie Crist; he hardly spent any time working there. Charlie Crist was a part-time governor who spent more time campaigning for a newer office in Washington, DC or on personal time than being the CEO of a state. He neglected this public building just like he neglected Florida’s economy.



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