Rick Scott, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio event Friday at the Biltmore
New Next Gen ad accuses Rick Scott of helping Koch brothers pollute St. Johns River

It may have been the most interesting Scott Crist exchange but

One of the issues that has been largely ignored during the election is the status of Florida's death penalty. There are serious questions about whether the death penalty is effective, whether it is being used properly, and whether delaying executions for decades does more emotional harm than good for the families of victims.

Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist could have touched on those and other death penalty issues but instead got into a squabble about Attorney General Pam Bondi's request toScott asking for to delay an execution so she could host a - wait for it - campaign fundraiser.

Yes, in Florida raising rasing campaign cash is overwhelming solemn event that brooks no delay.

Bondi eventually apologized.

Here is what Scott and Crist had to say about it at the debate.

It is a shame that such an important issue dissolved into this:



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