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Dan Roth

I am confused. Last time I voted for him Charlie Crist was a Republican. What happened to him? Did he change his mind? As Governor of Florida wasn't Charlie Crist the head of the Republican Party of Florida? How does someone who has made it to governor of a huge state as a Republican later become a Democrat? Do you think that Charlie Crist could suddenly change back to a Republican after he is elected Governor? That would make everything the same as it was when he was Florida's Governor the first time. I think that would be very nice. This is making me real nervous. If Charlie is elected again this time he could switch right back to being a Republican. This is very scary. He switched parties after many years once, why can't he do it twice? Skunks don't just change their spots no matter what they say, neither do Republicans. Charlie Crist is probably a Tea Party Republican and wants to infiltrate the Florida Democrat Party and mess it up. That Rick Scott could easily have put him up to it. I am scared to vote for Charlie Crist. You never know what he stands for.


Scott is unethical and a liar. What else did you expect. He is an embarrassment and needs to be voted out, or thrown in jail.


By far, this is the easiest voting decision I have ever made in my
lifetime.. Adrian Wyllie, you have my vote. Also, Bill Wohlsifer

No on 1

Yes on 2

No on 3

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