One way to turn a Florida governor debate into an oops
Charlie Crist campaign wastes no time using FanGate to raise money

Florida Governors Debate we have an extremely peculiar situation

There have been many strange debate moment in Florida's political history, this will surely rank as one of them.

Florida Governor Rick Scott refused to take the stage because Charlie Crist had his ever present fan at his feet behind the podium.

"Ladies and gentlemen we have an extremely peculiar situation right now," said debate moderator Eliot Rodriguez of CBS4.

There are boos from the crowd. Crist comes on stage. Rodriquez, and panelists Rosemary Goudreau of the Sun Sentinel, and Frank Denton of the Florida Times Union, wonder if the rules allow a fan.

Scott remains off stage for a number of minutes.

It is all rather odd. Finally he comes out and the hour-long statewide television debate begins.

See the video of the opening moments. It begins with a Spanish Crist ad. 



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