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Florida Democrats react to report that Rick Scott is spending millions on campaign

Earlier today, Crowley Political Report told you that Republican Governor Rick Scott may be about to drop up to $22 million of his own money into his reelection campaign. Both Scott's campaign and the Florida Republican Party said, "no comment."

Both Republican and Democratic sources said they have knowledge of Scott's contribution to his campaign. We'll soon know if it it true.

Earlier in the campaign Scott said he did not intend to spend any of his own money to win reelection. It will be interesting if Scott changed his mind.

Meanwhile, Democrat Charlie Crist's campaign just sent out this statement.

Statement from Crist for Governor Communications Director Brendan Gilfillan on Rick Scott's Reported Self-Funding

"It's ironic that on the same day Rick Scott's campaign releases an ad about wealth, we hear he has written a $22 million check to his campaign to blanket Florida airwaves for the last two and a half weeks of the election. That is serious money - and no doubt he's hoping it'll help paper over his calamitous debate performance. 
"He won't confirm it, but since his party is losing faith in him Rick Scott is reportedly funding his campaign himself these days. With money he earned as CEO of...well, you know. This is despite him telling Florida voters he wouldn't need to self-fund his re-election campaign. Presumably because the $75 million he spent last time around would convince Floridians to really, really like him.
"The question is, what could he possibly expect the next $22 million in lying TV ads going to get him that the first $125 million didn't?"



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