Bill Clinton ad for Charlie Crist
New York Times takes hard look at how lobbyists influence Pam Bondi and other AGs

Does this ad help Rick Scott or Charlie Crist?

 In a new ad from Florida Republicans, viewers are reminded that Democrat Charlie Crist, then a Republican, said President Bill Clinton should resign from office. This ad comes on the heels of an ad by the former president praising Crist and urging Floridians to vote for Crist. 

So what's going on?

In some ways, considering the Clinton ad (see it here), this GOP ad is a bit odd. After all, clearly Bill Clinton has forgiven Crist for suggesting that Clinton resign. In fact lots of Republicans were saying that after the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Clearly this ad is an attempt to muddle the Clinton ad. But could it have the opposite effect? The Bush family loves Clinton. He and former President George H.W. Bush - whom defeated - have become dear friends.

And former President George W. Bush on Fox News yesterday said Clinton is so close to the family that he is "like a brother from another mother."

Does this ad help Rick Scott's reelection chances?

The Florida GOP titled this ad - "Then or Now"

Indeed, Clinton seems to have answered that question. 


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