Florida Governors Debate we have an extremely peculiar situation
What should Rick Scott do now about Charlie Crist and FanGate

Charlie Crist campaign wastes no time using FanGate to raise money

Shortly after Governor Rick Scott finally walked on stage after refusing to participate in the debate with Charlie Crist because of a small fan Crist had at his feet, the Crist campaign sent out this email.

Friend --

I wasn't planning on emailing you tonight. But something crazy just happened...

Moments before the debate was scheduled to begin, Rick Scott decided he wasn't going to participate. 

Why? Because there was a fan at Charlie's podium. A fan. 

For seven incredible minutes just now, Charlie stood all alone at the podium while Rick Scott threw a temper tantrum backstage, denying the people of Florida the chance to hear from their gubernatorial candidates because of -- literally -- a breeze. 

Scott finally caved and decided to join the debate. But the fact that this sideshow happened at all is an embarrassment to our great state and fellow citizens. 

If you're as amazed as I am by what you just saw, chip in a few bucks right now to make sure this guy doesn't get to stay our Governor:


We'll be back in touch after the debate concludes. 



Omar Khan
Campaign Manager
Charlie Crist for Governor


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Yes it was just a fan. But the bigger issue is that there was a signed contract--and the Crist broke that contract immediately. If he can't be trusted to a simple contract like "no fan" how can he be trusted with something really important?


How dare they call this fan issue a trivial matter. Our illustrious governor Mr Scott has every right to throw a tantrum over this. Why compared to issues like the environment, medicaid expansion, minimum wage and a host of other issues I think we can all agree that this fan ranks right up there near the top.

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