Rick Scott invites Obama to campaign in Florida for Charlie Crist
Jeb Bush does a tame ad for Rick Scott

Charlie Crist ad says Rick Scott broke his promise on jobs

Continuing his series of "Rick Scott is too shady for the Sunshine State" television ads, Democrat Charlie Crist brings up an old issue about the Republican's 2010 campaign promise about creating jobs.

At the time, Scott said he would add 700,000 jobs "on top of what normal growth would be." Soon after making that pledge, Scott not only backpedaled but denied he ever made the original statement.

Scott is sort of fascinating in his ability to deny he said something that he clearly said during a televised debate. Yet despite the video, Scott insists that he really meant he was going to add 700,000 jobs but not in addition to normal growth.

Despite the step back, few would disagree that Scott has focused his efforts on creating jobs in Florida. Some have questioned how many new jobs are the result of Scott's efforts. Many would argue jobs came with a growing state economy that had little to do with Scott's work.

This ad is a continuation of the nasty campaign that has been waged by both candidates. 



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