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Adrian Wyllie is not a serious candidate for Florida governor

You probably know nothing about Adrian Wyllie. And why should you? After all, Wyllie is,to  put it gently, never going to win the Florida governor's race.

Let's pretend for a moment to take him seriously. He has raised a whopping $85,000 and spent $72,000. That means he has about $13,000 left to spend on statewide television ads during the final weeks of the campaign.

Oh - you haven't seen Wyllie's ads? That would be because there are none.

Wyllie is this cycle's Libertarian candidate. Some polls show him getting 10 percent or more of the vote in a three way contest with Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist.

Now let's understand that 10 percent. These folks would tell pollsters they are voting for a cat before they vote for Scott or Crist. They do not know or care about Wyllie. They are simply poll protesting.

Many of these same voters are just as likely to vote for Scott or Crist on election day. A few may actually vote for Willie or the other seven write-in/no party candidates who qualified to run for governor.

Here's a Wyllie fun fact:

On July 4, 2011, Wyllie sent a letter to all of Florida’s 67 sheriffs urging them to arrest Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents who violate the US and Florida Constitutions, as well as statutes regarding sexual battery as it applies to individual TSA employees during enhanced pat-down procedures. (Wikipedia).

Now, Wyllie is suing to get himself included in the three gubernatorial debates. Clearly, he believes that he should be taken seriously as a candidate.

He may succeed. 

In 2006, Max Linn, with an equally improbable campaign, mangaged to sue his way into a debate between Democratic candidate for governor Jim Davis and then Republican candidate Charlie Crist.

Linn did a fine job of disrupting the debate. 

Maybe Wyllie should get a shot - it might be fun to watch how Scott and Crist react.

But beyond that, there is no reason to believe Wyllie is serious about becoming governor. It would be an insult to him to pretend that he has the slight chance in hell of winning.



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Let Wylie debate. The alternatives are nasty.

Brian Jones

Is it Wyllie as in 'Coyote, Super Genius' or 'Wet'?


That's ok. The Crowley Political Report is not a viable source of journalism.

Now you're even.

Rick Adams

QUOTE: "Oh - you haven't seen Wyllie's ads? That would be because there
are none." FALSE

Wyllie has been running an ad on cable
TV in his native Tampa Bay market, it's also on YouTube:

Sure, it's not much, but let's give credit where credit is due.


Floridians should be fuming over this, like him or not, he is running for office and we deserve to hear from him in the debates. LET HIM SPEAK!!
He absolutely has my vote. It is very clear that he is the best choice.
The question nobody is asking is, "what are they so afraid of that they would work so hard to make sure he isn't in the debates"?
I would NEVER vote for Scott or Crist, period.
Internet search: 2014 Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Comparison Chart.

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