New ad suggests abortion is becoming an issue in the Florida governor's race
Rick Scott internal poll shows him leading Charlie Crist by 7

New Rick Scott campaign ad has Charlie Crist debating Charlie Crist on abortion

After decades of being a Republican, a very brief stint as an unsuccessful independent, and now a new-born Democrat, Charlie Crist leaves behind lots of old campaign speechs, video, and campaign phone messages that contradict many of the things he is saying now as candidate for Florida governor.

This is a huge gift to Republican Rick Scott's reelection campaign. (To be fair, there is no shortage of issues that Scott has flipflopped on during the last four years). 

Responding to a new Crist ad showing a series of women criticizing Scott for opposing abortion and other issues, the Scott campaign takes the Crist ad and inserts some previous Crist comments that have Crist, well, disagreeing with Crist.

The fact is that Crist always weaved between being a conservative Republican and being a moderate Republican. But the effect of this Scott response ad is to once again create doubt in the mind of voters as to where Crist really stands on these issues.

Which Crist do you believe?

Another interesting thing about the Scott ad is that it does not dispute anything said in the Crist ad which says  Scott opposes abortion, "even for victims of rape and incest," supports mandatory ultra-sounds, allowing employers to deny women birth control coverage, and that Scott does not support new laws for equal pay for women.

Instead, this ad keeps the Crist ad message that Scott opposes abortion message and would reverse Roe v. Wade.

Interesting approach.


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