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Lots of words re Constitutional Review Commission about "citizen participation" BUT no way is offered for a citizen to participate in CRC discussions or even to attend.


Mark Perenich Esq

You hit the nail right on the head. The importance of this up coming election cannot be understated. During Rick Scott's reign, he has done extensive damage to Florida's judiciary system, he has rejected federal funds that would have put people to work immediately, not to mention the Tampa Orlando bullet train debacle. Rick Scott has been out of touch with Florida voters, he has lied repeatedly, and now relies on special business interests to keep him in power.

Ken Willey

The idea of either Crist or Scott appointing members to the Constitution Review Commission makes my skin crawl. How many cronies will end up on that commission?

Just another reason to vote for Adrian Wyllie.


Nan Rich will not win, this is Florida. Old, racist, white, conservative and chauvinist. It is too bad that liberals always seem to busy to vote in
interim elections.

John Atkins

Well, I could certainly support Nan Rich. However, since I think Charlie Crist is the overwhelming favorite to win the Democratic nomination, and if he only squeaks by Nan Rich, then Rick Scott will make that a campaign issue. We don't need to give Mr. Scott any issues to help his campaign.

Leslie A. Goller

Which is why you should vote for NAN RICH in the Primary and then the General Election! Closest candidate to former Governor Lawton Chiles!

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